Jeevesh Sabharwal

Dedicated to make an impact in the industry, Shivam Group is inspired to dream, discover and expore a world without limits. A world where we aim at building value for our customer on the foundation of trust. hence, we are constantly delivering expertise that is composed of a distinct vision, immense strength, committed efforts and our gained, recognition as a leading turnkey solutions provider in the industry.

The company has been in the business of construction ranging from building societies, roadway projects, commercial centers and hotels.
Since then shivam has always maintained a Unique group policy for being an organization acclaimed for quality, reliability and creativity for its products, realizations & services.

Our Management expertise is supported by the state of art information systems that interface to provide accurate estimating, efficient project management and
effective cost control. We are well known for our proactive innovative approaches to the challenges that inevitably arise during major construction projects. we have substantial experience bringing difficult and sensitive projects to successful completion. Shivam’s UPS has been to perform the toughest project in the committed deadline below the projected costs. We have a focus on creating long term partnerships by delivering high class standards of service and consistently improving value to our clients and stakeholders.

Our Mission

Changes, Challenges, Opportunities!

The Real Estate Industry Underwent Significant changes in recent years, and new challenges are daily in place to confront us with decisions, where it is hard to guarantee the results. To judge how will industry be affected by these arise will our client like our concept? will the client be comfortable to invest? And will our clients be satisfied with the results?

Changes challenge Opportunities!

We go a step further than only changes, challenges and opportunities will believe in not just developing project, but developing concepts for present and future and at the same time delivering projects that addresses the demands and needs of the public and private sectors. Our Commitment is on creating long term partnerships via world class of service and consistently improving value to our clients and stakeholders.

Our vision

  • Developing and delivering innovative projects successfully for our customers and maximizing their investments
  • Building the future by brightening local and promoting nature through sustainable architecture.
  • Bringing to partnership a winning network of people working under the same values in a dreaming work place.
  • Maximizing return to our shareholders.